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The Little Bum & Mum- 4oz

The Little Bum & Mum- 4oz

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Introducing "The Little Bum & Mum" – a product that holds a special place in our hearts, right at home.


This release is a heartfelt endeavor, inspired by my own journey through pregnancy, the challenging "4th" trimester, and the delicate needs of my babies, especially my daughter's eczema struggles. Reflecting on those moments, I realize the value of natural products and wish I had discovered them earlier, supporting small businesses with solutions that could have eased those challenges.


Embarking on my skincare journey, creating a salve to soothe irritations and provide a protective, moisturizing touch for both baby and mum became a priority. Crafting the perfect blend was an art and a science – skincare is meticulous. Each ingredient carries its unique benefits, interacting harmoniously or not. By delicately introducing them to one another, we've crafted a product filled with love, magic, and something truly special. 


You can find ingredients such as ; calendula herbal oil, chamomile herbal oil, hemp seed oil, oat kernel oil, rosehip, vitamin e, non nano uncoated zinc , bentonite clay and more!

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