About Daisy & Baloo

Just a mom wanting to CREATE!

I’ve always been creative. I’ve always painted, wrote stories, designed, cooked elaborate meals. Was I ever good at it? Maybe?... BUT, I enjoyed it. I’ve always wanted to CREATE something and share it with the world. But, I also always wanted to be a mother. Being a mom is not easy but putting your dreams on the back burner because of it is NOT an excuse. Your family comes first, and your sleep second - if you’re lucky . But, when you start to feel like something is missing, AND that’s totally ok, perhaps taking out another hour of sleep from the two you’re possibly getting during nap time might actually be worth it. That’s when I started thinking about making soap. Sounds random. But here’s why. My lovely daughter (our daisy girl) who has eczema is SO sensitive to creams, diapers, materials, food and so on. Of course I’d do anything to provide her with the best ingredients & products, but then I thought… “Why don’t I try making her natural bath soaps?” Then I thought about my son (our BALOO bear) who LOVES to get dirty… very dirty. "How do I get him to wash his hands without having an epic TANTRUM? For the love of soap…its just soap buddy" Long story short, it simply just roller-coastered from there. Clean burning soy wax candles, the "Little Oat" collection, bath soaks, jumbo lip balms & face and body butters for all of us hard working humans who need some extra nourishment. I began formulating natural products all around to make my home a more sustainable and cleaner place to live in and am forever grateful for it.

So there you have it. A small little business which started in my little Canadian kitchen with my small little children running around constantly inspiring me and continue to do so every day. Thanks to them ( my Daisy and Baloo ) I get to share what I've CREATED, with all of you