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Aromatherapy Roll Ons

Aromatherapy Roll Ons

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Did you know essential oil roll ons have wonderful benefits for your overall health? The combination of natural oils can help with mood, anxiety, congestion, sleep & muscle aches, and itchy bites

I have carefully curated this collection of roll ons to help with everyday needs. These are great to have on hand for routine, too!!!

Life can get so hectic, wild, and busy. A little routine can go a long way. Whether it's reading a book before bed. Reducing screen time. Morning rituals, etc...

Having one of these on hand can help establish that little bit of consistency you may be looking for

We will also have a little oat roll on collection for your kiddos ages 2+

****made with natural premium essential oils & light non comedogenic carrier oils such as grapeseed, apricot & jojoba

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